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Blushing may result from strong emotions such as embarrassment, anger or excitement. However, it may also be linked to medical problems like carcinoid syndrome, fever, menopause, rosacea, medications used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol, and other triggers such as alcohol, hot or spicy foods and quick changes in temperature.

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However, it can also be a source of misunderstanding. In addition, not all people who blush have social anxiety disorder. g. , smiling while averting their gaze), more blushing did not mean more social anxiety. Open-label Treatment with Escitalopram in Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder and Fear of Blushing. Blushing: A symptom of social anxiety.

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The Best Interpersonally-Focused Therapy For Social Anxiety Disorder

In many cases, the fear of blushing has become such an obsession that we feel that EVERYBODY must have noticed it, and with it, the worry that we will be judged for it. Will people think that you are diffident, socially awkward, not worth talking to?

However, the fact is that it is our own irrational perception. People who dont blush dont see it as awful, most of them will probably not even have noticed, unless we have drawn their attention to it! What they may notice more is our own reaction to it, such as our embarrassment. So the first thing to keep in mind is that there is a good chance that you may be misjudging peoples perception of your blushing and exaggerated the effect it has on them.

There is an array of cognitive tools and strategies that can help you change the way you think about your blushing. Paradoxally, the best thing you can do is to stop fighting and relax. If you blush, just ignore it. Dont try to hide it or look away, just carry on with your conversation as normally as possible.

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However, for people suffering from social anxiety, fear of blushing and blushing itself will plague their lives, often leaving them feeling powerless. Being put on the spot or being the center of attention suddenly can be all that is needed. In a perverse dynamic, the anticipation of blushing will feed your social anxiety and make you more likely to blush in the future. While you cannot control your bodys response, you can address the negative thoughts that provoke your blushing, such as the fear that people will think less of you for blushing, or feeling self-conscious when you are the center of attention. Paradoxally, the best thing you can do is to stop fighting and relax. If you blush, just ignore it. Obviously, it is easier said than done, so if you dont succeed at first, dont give yourself a hard time.

hey everyone you might not know this about me but I blush really easily and I always have in fact some friends of mine used to like to play a little game with me that went something like this hey Talia yeah you’re blushing wait no not yeah look your face is turning red haha well now I am Darwin called blushing the most peculiar and most human of all expressions because interestingly it’s a phenomenon completely unique to human beings so I just have some idea of why it happened that’s triggered by some sort of emotional stress such as embarrassment which causes adrenaline to be released into the body which causes blood vessels to dilate which causes your blood flow to increase but as to why the facial veins react so intensely and so exclusively there’s still not really sure why but if you’re like me and you blushed deeply and often what can you do about it I found a great answer in this book man’s search for meaning it’s a classic written by Viktor Frankl who was a Holocaust survivor who then went on to become a psychiatrist dr.Frankel writes in his book that a problem like excessive blushing can be solved through a method called paradoxical intention he tells the story of a boy with a stutter who when he tried to exaggerate it in order to gain sympathy from people found that he couldn’t stutter at all so when you feel yourself start turning red instead of freaking out which will just cause you to turn an even deeper shade go for it invite it try to blush as deeply as you can say I’m gonna show these people just how red I can get all up in here when you actually try to blush you just might find that you can’t bring yourself to do it as strange as this sounds with practice it works the key is to stop fighting what’s happening and to just accept it and go with it and let it happen to you where the sense of humor of course whoa your face is really red right now yeah Red’s a good color for me what can I say also it helps to try to remember that no one is really paying as much attention to you as you think they are I remember one weekend in school I couldn’t remember if I’d worn the same outfit on Shabbat the week before and then I realized if I can’t remember the articles of clothing I put on my own body there’s no way that anyone else is going to remember so I wore the fit and nobody died but if you do notice somebody blushing the worst thing to do is to call attention to it so don’t say anything ignore it don’t be that person okay I am fully aware when my face is red I don’t need you to remind me of it that is actually the worst I hope you learned a little something today and I’ll leave a link to the book I mentioned in the description below because it’s a really short quick read but it’s definitely worthwhile thanks for watching I made my friend in like ten minutes this was maybe not the smartest idea. .

hey everybody welcome back to my channel it’s Ashley so today I decided I was going to talk about a personal issue that I’ve had since I was a little girl because I haven’t seen really any videos discussing this and I kind of wanted to just put this video out there so that other people that have the same issue can come to a place where they can just comment down below we can talk about what we’re dealing with and so today the topic is my severe anxiety and my severe severe blushing problem and my fear of blushing so ever since I can remember going through junior high high school I’ve had a severe blushing problem and since people would snicker and say why is she blushing so bad and why has her face turning so red why is her chest getting all splotchy like that just made me have the fear of it so anytime that I am put on the spot or I get in front of an audience you can expect my face in my chest to just turn as red as it can be and my entire body will get hives this is not something I can control I hear people all the time since I’m 21 now and I still have this problem people will say well aren’t you too old that’s a little immature and all of this stuff and I’m like that’s not the case at all like I can’t control it like if I could control it do you really think that I would want to be turning this bright red and do you really think I would on my chest to be covered in hives or my entire body to be covered in hives like no I would not want that I’m a nursing school right now and I decided to make this video because of today I was put on the spot trying to do something and I wanted to learn I was sitting there learning how to do something and I could just feel that I was getting red on my chest and on my face and I mean nobody said anything but it was kind of like you know like I just felt a lot of eyes like why is she’s getting hives why is she being that way you know and I just just kept continuing on the professor kept talking to me but you know you can tell when somebody is like you know awkward but it’s just a really really big issue for me personally and I so very much so badly want to be over this I just want to be able to raise my hands because I do know the answer and for me to just say it in front of everybody but that’s just not the case with me and I’ve looked into having the surgery done to where you can’t I don’t know what it is I guess constricts your blood vessels to where the blood doesn’t rush to your chest in your face there’s a lot of complications with it but I don’t know I’m kind of getting to the point where I kind of really really want to do it I’m not so I’m not so like against the whole anxiety feeling like the anxious feeling I’m just more like I don’t want people to know like it’s okay if I’m shaking and stuff I just don’t want to be like the center of attention in regards to being like red or splotchy or anything like that so I know that there’s other people that have the same issue and I just wanted to make a video like put it out there so that I could see other people’s responses and if this happens to you as well and it’s just you know it’s hard to be feel like you’re so alone like nobody knows what it’s like for you to go through this process and I don’t know it’s just something that I thought that I wanted to come on here and discuss and hopefully I can make new friends that have the same problems and we can go through it together and deal with it together so yeah so I hope you guys like to this video I’m gonna let you say hi to my pup this is Teddy C hi Kate hi yeah so make sure you subscribe to my channel and comment down below so that we could talk and talk about the same issues that we’re dealing what’s together and if you want me to go into like more details about certain things and I can always make another video just let me know in the comments and I hope you guys like to this video thank you for watching.

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