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Social Anxiety

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hi guys so today I’m going to be doing kind of a social anxiety Q&A it’s been a year since I uploaded my video living with social anxiety and since then I’ve got a million requests to do more videos about it so I thought I would I don’t know a lot of people said that video helped them and I never intended for that many people to see it I kind of held off uploading it for like two weeks too because I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea anyway I’m really glad I did and people have come to me and are asking for me to do more videos about that so here I am before I start and before I start giving advice and stuff I’m not a professional I don’t claim to know everything about this I’m just gonna be telling you things that have like worked for me and stuff so I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions about social anxiety so I’m gonna do that but I’m not gonna put it up or say who asked it because they might want to keep it private so the first one says when you get an anxiety attack in class how do you calm down this has happened to me more often than I would like I always have water with me so that helps I drink water I’ll also just like focus on my breathing like when you’re having a panic attack like I can’t really focus on anything like if the teachers talking I won’t even notice count my breaths kind of thing I’ll also like text someone about it if I know that they’re at their phone or something if I need to I’ll ask her to the bathroom and it helps a lot going into the bathroom and just being alone for a few moments also if you tell your teacher that you haven’t have anxiety it might be easier for you because if you need to leave they might understand better I know that some teachers don’t understand at all or some teachers understand fully but just don’t care enough also I want us to be a safe place in the comments so if you want to give advice in the comments or respond to people that have said things feel free to do that so for this question if you have any other tips or advice on it comment it below for myself and everyone else this next question is a really good one how to explain to your friends what it is and how it affects you okay I saw this thing on tumblr once and it said that feeling when you are just about to go like lean back in your chair and fall over or when you miss a step that feeling happens to you except all the time it’s so hard to explain to somebody who doesn’t have anxiety what it feels like but I mean that’s a start this one is pretty long but I’m just gonna tell you guys like that just do it I have social anxiety and I’m not 100% sure what my parents think it’s just ADHD and they could and I confronted them saying that they say I’m shy how do you tell your parents and I know that it can be very very difficult for your parents to understand what it is even if they understand to fully understand how bad it is what I would suggest is like find articles online or in magazines and stuff and show it to them so they they know that this is a real thing and it’s very serious and that you’re not just shy or lazy or something like you just it’s a real issue for you and you need help and you need to like reach out to them and say you know what like I’m reaching for help can you please help me and help me like if you understand yeah it just sucks that a lot of people don’t understand and just think that you’re really shy or something and you’re making a big deal out of it when you’re not you could also show your friends or your parents this video or the other video I did about this because maybe that will help them realize that you’re not the only one like this is an actual thing and there is cures for it cure cure there’s a cure for it not cure there’s a lot of questions about how to calm down after a panic attack if you’re not in class I would suggest doing the same things but also like take like do anything to take your mind off of the situation I like to listen to music or lie down there’s a lot of gifts on tumblr that you can find that are like motions that really help you calm down if you just search up like an anxiety gifts or something there’s a whole bunch of different things that are supposed to help you calm down and they really do what I like to do is I write what I I write everything that I’m feeling like super super fast and when I read it back later it doesn’t make sense and I can’t tell what I wrote but it really seems to help me this breathing is the most important thing you’re not gonna get over the panic attack unless you start breathing you need to make your normal so just really focus on that OMG mo i love you so much your videos have helped me through a lot you’re so real and honest and you are somebody other teens should look up to so thanks mo and for that question alright so I’ll get really sad and nervous to the point I’m shaking just out of the blue and sometimes I will do stupid things like for example break up with my boyfriend ruin friendships and just push everyone away what can I do to calm myself down and keep myself from pushing everyone away and self sabotaging first of all I love you so much thank you for that comment that was very nice I do the exact same thing I pushed everyone away and I don’t know why we do it I think it’s because we want to not get anyone else involved with our anxiety and our issues I think the key is just to explain to these people why you’re like this and I think maybe we push people away because we don’t think they understand or we think we can do this on our own I don’t know how to put this into words but if you can make the people around you aware of why you’re doing this and that you do want them in your life because I’m sure you do then I think it’ll be a lot easier and you won’t feel the need to push them away even more because if they understand they’re gonna be more helpful to you and it’s gonna be more helpful to them because I’m sure they’re confused as to why you’re pushing them away and I totally get nervous to the point where I’m shaking like all the time and you just got a breathing it’s the most important thing I get that a lot when I’m shaking and you just gotta drink water or like focus on something that requires you to be very still when did you get panic attacks and how did you react to it I don’t know when I got my first one but I know when it first started happening it was like a few years ago maybe when I had like my first like big one and I was just confused I was like what the heck is happening to me like why can’t I control my body and control my emotions so I was confused to say the least how do you let your family and friends know about your anxiety without them thinking you’re whiny or wanting attention I mean if anyone thinks that you’re wanting attention or whiny because you tell them that I’m sorry that you have that type of person in your life come out and say I just want you guys to know cuz I want your support I have anxiety I have whatever and I think if you just tell them that you’d like support and you’re not looking for like a ton of sympathic then I think that’ll be easier is it normal to have social anxiety but still want to go out into social events I do and even though it’s really hard it makes me feel more normal but I don’t know if I should stop being so hard on myself yes totally yes I won’t get invited to things and I’ll be upset and I do get invited to things and I go and I wish I’d stayed at home and I just I wish I had more of a social life I wish I had more friends to go out and do things with and I wish I could be more social but I can’t and so I guess it’s normal I hope it’s normal because I feel it too but I think that’s just a human instinct is to want to be social but then your brain is saying that you shouldn’t be but I don’t know I think that is completely normal because I feel the exact same way like for example with me going back to school I had the perfect setup I didn’t have to go to regular school I was fine being homeschooled but then the want of me wanting to go back and be social at school overtook it and I went back so how do I tell my mom that I think I should see a doctor and have medication without her being scared for me I think you just gotta say like it’s it’s nothing so super serious but I think I’ll be more beneficial if I talked to a doctor or a therapist or somebody or get medication that I need if you just explained to her that this is gonna help you then I think she won’t be that worried I think she’d be more worried if you didn’t get help and she found out about this my friends always tell me that I’m just too emotional and sensitive and pushed me to do things that are way too far from my comfort zone how can I explain to them nicely that some things are too hard to handle I have friends that will do that and then I also have friends who will nicely try to push me to do things but if I don’t want to then they’re okay with it but if they’re extremely pushing you out of your comfort zone so much you really need to have a talk with them and tell them that friends aren’t supposed to put other friends in this kind of situation make sure you know that that’s totally not okay like tell them that you’d like them to encourage you to try doing things but not forcing you like they need to give you an option to like back out okay this one is about texting you but you don’t respond because you’re too anxious and I get this too sometimes if it’s like not even if it’s that important but if it’s someone that I haven’t texted a lot or if it’s like a business email I’m the worst at responding to business emails because I just have the worst anxiety about it and it’s terrible and then text messages if it’s something that I don’t talk too much by the time I finally work up the courage to answer and formulate a good answer it’s like a week later and I can’t answer any works as been too long something that helps for me is I just write it up and like just write it up and pretend that I’m gonna delete it in a second but I write up and quickly press then before there’s nothing I can do and then I realize it wasn’t actually that bad but okay the next one says do you ever compare yourselves to others because I always do it and I hate it I did this a lot especially when I first started high school I was comparing myself to everyone and it just kind of I just degraded myself over and over again and then I realized that I am completely different so even if I want to be just like someone else there’s absolutely no way I’ll ever be exactly like someone else so I guess I just kind of stopped trying to be them and started trying to figure out who I actually was if that makes sense I guess I still compare myself to people I think it’s kind of a natural human thing I don’t think it’s healthy to compare yourself to a point where you try to change yourself I compare myself to people at school on even people in magazines and like famous people which is completely ridiculous so basically just build you instead of worrying about other people and I know that’s so cliche but like don’t waste your time comparing yourselves to people like you can a little bit but don’t do it to a point where you like are hurting yourselves and you forgetting to like focus on your own self the most important person to yourself is yourself and then the last question is what do you do when I teacher calls on you on in class to answer a question this was one of my main concerns about going back to school but in the first semester I kind of told all my teachers about it and they knew that like I really didn’t like talking in front of class so for the most part they didn’t ask me things but when they did I’d kind of just freeze and say I don’t know we’re like this is not the way to do it but I would just delay it so much that I wouldn’t have to answer and I just feel like this and every second got worse because everyone was looking at you and you kind of eat like you can feel your face getting red and it’s the worst thing in the world so just tell your teachers like that please don’t call on me if you have to get your parents to send an email or something like that if your teachers understand they probably won’t call on you but if they do just remember that once you answer the question nobody’s gonna remember in a couple of minutes anyway that is all of the questions and I’m gonna answer in this one if you have any further questions you can send them to me on tumblr and I’ll try my hardest to answer them I’m gonna get my friend sage and she’s gonna help me answer them too because she’s really good at giving advice my tumblr is always down below I think I’m pretty sure if not I’ll put it down below and I hope that this video was somewhat helpful to you if it wasn’t then I’m sorry yeah let me know if you want me to do another video like this I probably will in a little bit I also have a video coming up about anxiety in general not just social anxiety and I have a video coming up about depression so stay tuned for that I know this isn’t like my usual videos but it’s been highly requested and I wanted to do it for you guys anyway I will see you all in my next video.


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