There are no questions in the world I can ask which will 100% narrow down your social skills just like that. Normally I wouldn’t even bother with one because they’re far too generic and I’d have to ask 100 questions to just get a basic idea of where you are in a wide spectrum of social skill abilities. But unfortunately the internet is full of useless quizzes and tests. They’ll ask you a plague of daft questions and then compare you to some kind of animal or whatever. Sometimes they might even give you some motivational nonsense afterwards about how great you are.

I’m more of a “get stuff done” kind of guy. So we’ve put together a few questions to get a rough idea of where you are and what we’re dealing with. Rather than give you some dancing gif to post on Facebook afterwards we’re actually going to give you some advice based on what we think. Something which can actually help you make a difference.

Just how shy are you?