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Social skills have never been more important than they are in today’s society. Unfortunately, a lack of those skills has never been more misunderstood.

If you’re reading this then it’s probably safe to assume you’re looking for some kind of social skills training. If you can say something like “I have no friends” then you’re in the right place. And I’m glad you’ve at least made it this far. Most people sitting in your shoes (and we’re talking about 80% of the people struggling with social skills based on studies) don’t actually believe they can change.

social skills trainingBut the truth is you can. The truth actually is it’s really easy to change. Social skills are a skill. A skill like any other and one that can be learned. In fact we may even have some social skills games for you. You remember when someone held the bike and you learned to pedal? That’s pretty much what our social skills online training is. Read on whilst I hold that bike for a moment.

We’re going to hold the bike while you learn to pedal. And once you’ve got the basics down you won’t need us anymore.

The problem with both social skills training for adults and children is the advice you’re given is generally just bad advice. But, unlike riding a bike, bad advice when it comes to shyness and social skills isn’t just going to slow you down – it can actually set you back.

Well my name is Chris and I’ve been doing this kind of thing for years. My own social skills used to suck and I spent a good few years just trading water. I took all the advice I could find online and it didn’t go very well.

So rather than give you a little pep talk or quote, rather than showing you some inspirational YouTube video which won’t actually change anything? I’m going to show you something which can actually make a difference.

Online training you can start right now. Sitting right where you are. This is pretty much your social stabilizers which you can take on and off whenever you need.

Instead of random training and bits of advice from all around the internet which may, or may not be helping. We put together easy to use social skills online training that anyone can use. The idea of having no life is different for everyone. But if you feel like you have to make a change then training your social skills online is the best way to get results.

Part of what we go over is things like why do I have no friends. You need to understand the problem before you can fix it. But the majority of it is actually solving the problem. No useless information but actual advice, training and activities you can use to improve your social skills.

Most of the rubbish advice out there to improve social skills involves putting yourself in situations you won’t want to be in. Speaking to groups of strangers etc…

Not only is this a horrible way of trying to improve your social skills it can make things worse. Your Amygdala is a lower level of your brain which exists from the cave man days to protect you. The reason you feel nervous or shy around people is because it, for whatever reason, has learned that social situations are a threat.

social skills online trainingIt doesn’t understand logic, it doesn’t understand reason. It doesn’t understand that we live in modern civilization and the girl in the coffee shop is unlikely to try and kill you. It only understands fear. And the fear of rejection is one of the major ones. Don’t worry too much we teach you how to deal with rejection through our training too.

So what happens when you follow this kind of bad advice and force yourself into these situations? Not only do your social skills not improve but you actually reinforce those feeling. And that’s how your  Amygdala learns. That’s how your social skills keeps getting worse.

So the social skills training for adults we offer is based on years of experience and the training activities can be done right from home. It’s a game changer for social skills training and it’s already changed the lives of hundreds of people. Heck, I was one of them. I used to be the one online telling people I feel like I have no friends, tryong my best and spending too much time tryng to find out how to make new friends. These days I coach people and work on their social skills through online courses. It’s funny when I look back on it but it means I know exactly what you’re likely going through.

It also means I know how unlikely it can seem that you can make a change. But there’s not much I can say to make you understand how easy it is until you’ve actually done it, so you’ll have to take a small leap of faith and trust me on this. Anyone – even the shyest and quietest of us can learn to build a social life from scratch in just days.

To understand a little more about human psychology and social skills take a look at the WiKi here or you can just crack on with our online training. To get started with that I suggest taking a look at our online shyness training which you can start today.

Enjoy your ride.

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