“I Feel Like I Have No Friends” Updated for 2018

There are a million reasons why you might feel like you have no friends. Sometimes it’s as simple as you’ve moved to a new area where you don’t know anyone or maybe you’re confident enough but you just don’t know how to get out and get meeting people. Usually, it involves at least some degree of shyness or social anxiety. But, not to worry. This is the kind of thing we deal with day in – day out and you’d be surprised how quickly you can deal with it.

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Ouch! It sounds like you feel like you’re a pariah. It’s impossible to guess why your friendships don’t “stick” and there’s no uptake by others but the problem seems to be a pattern rather than a one-time occurrence—and something you want to change.

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So the first thing we need to narrow down is if your issue is just not getting out and meeting people enough or are you maybe doing something wrong in social situations.

The first is easy. Start by small things even just walking to the shops and making small talk with people. Make sure you’re not wearing headphones or staring at your phone the whole time (kind of defeats any chance of actually talking to someone) and build up to joining meetup groups and turning up to gigs yourself. Some of the most interesting people go to gigs themselves and you’d be surprised the kind of people you meet there.

The second is a little more in-depth and is going to involve studying your social skills a bit more. A lot of people we speak to feel like they don’t know how to keep a conversation going or even start one to begin with. Sometimes they are able to make friends but they struggle to maintain the constant effort real friendship requires. Sure it’s easy to talk to your best friend for years for the first time in a while but it takes a lot of effort to get to that stage in the first place.

I feel like I have no friends

Let’s Face it – Being Lonely Sucks

I feel like I have no friends ideasI feel lonely because I am living in another country to the one I grew up in and the culture is very different. I struggle with language barriers and lack of shared reference points. I am also going through difficult family stuff and live far away from close relatives and friends. My mum is in a nursing home and I have to keep a close eye on her care and treatment because in the past shes been neglected. This makes me feel alone; I feel like I am watching my mum fade away slowly due to illness.

Loneliness has left me feeling anxious, and suffering from panic attacks and depression. It has disabled me to the point that I am unable to hold down a job. My ability to plan and make decisions has also been affected. I feel I have lost the real me somewhere along the way. Physically, I feel dizzy and suffer from headaches as well as shortness of breath. I also have extreme exhaustion despite the days I have wasted in bed sleeping.

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Sometimes you might be lonely¬†and struggle with friends because you’ve moved to a different location. I know this can seem pretty rough but honestly, I think you need a mindset change if this is your problem. Being in a new location isn’t a problem for your social life it is nothing but an opportunity. Think of it as a fresh start and just get out there and¬†start meeting people. Someone. Anyone. It really doesn’t matter.

Experiences of others:

DO don’t have to feel that way. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there a little be or be the one to start something.

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