You'll have a welcome email from us in the next few minutes. Make sure that the emails are going to your inbox and not your junk folder.

Most of the training will be sent by email so in case you need to refresh your memory we suggest creating a second folder in your email and transfer the email to that folder each day.

I'm impressed.

Most people (and trust me - I've ran a lot of polls) are happy to find that there is an answer. A way to beat shyness. But then they convince themselves that they'll come back at a later date.

That somehow it will be easier if they start in a week. A month. A year. Whatever crappy excuse they use.

Change is uncomfortable. As humans we resist it.

But you're signed up. You're ready to go.


I'm going to make sure you're happy about it.


Keep an eye on your inbox. You'll have a welcome email from us today and then an email each day as the training progresses.