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I’ve been coaching people through their shyness online for a couple of years now. Regular readers will know I run a couple of shyness based websites now and learned to overcome my own shyness through the internet. So the idea of shyness forums with people suffering the same kind of problems talking to each other about it isn’t a massive leap. I’ve been asked a few times why Over Shyness doesn’t have a forum itself considering the amount of visitors we keep seeing.

In fact I’ve seen a few shyness forums around and people join hoping to get some advice. There’s a few like Shy United and Social Phobia world. That’s the tip of the ice berg but it serves as a good example for my point.

shyness forumIn theory these seem like good ideas. Something people can do from behind their computers and they can talk about it with people going through the same kind of thing. A way to learn to overcome shyness from behind the keyboard. This suits a lot of people suffering from shyness which is why we run our online training course. It’s also how I originally beat shyness myself.

The problem is that most questions are met with “I have the same issue” and no real actionable advice. Most of the people there (no, not everyone but a significant majority) are just wallowing is misery rather than doing anything about it. I don’t personally understand this logic.

Or, worse, they’re met with crazy answers about affirmations, mantras and eating herbs. Trust me, I was dealing with shyness and social anxiety for years I know how hopeless it can feel. The horrible part is you don’t know how hard it can be to beat until you come out on the other side. It’s really not that complicated though. It’s a learned behavior which you need to “unlearn”. You need to make a consistent and conscious effort to continue to improve. Not just to make yourself feel better or that you’re not the only one. But to actually make a difference.

So personally I’d rather suggest actually doing something about it. Making a difference to your shyness rather than wallowing with people complaining how it’ll never change. But, maybe this works for some people. I don’t see how but I’m not one to judge. So if you’re really looking for a shyness forum then some are at least busier than others.

My Shyness Forum Suggestion

If you’re really determined to use a shyness forum then Social Phobia World is probably the one to use. But… just take everything with a pinch of salt.

And remember. Shyness and social anxiety is not something that you’re always stuck with.

Everyone feels that way.

It’s really not that special. I’ve already posted the stats of some shyness studies.

We all want to feel different sometimes. I get that. But shyness isn’t something to wallow in.

It’s something to be stomped out.

And the techniques you can use to overcome it and change your life are really not that hard.

I usually don’t go for the “tough love” thing when it comes to shyness but when it comes to wasting your time or actually getting something done and actually beating your shyness I don’t see the question. Don’t waste your time on a forum it won’t help. Instead you could use some properly designed training made to take you from point A to point B. Something like our training course.

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