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There are two types of shy people according to Dr. The first type of shy people are physiologically shy. They are born with a nervous system that is quick to respond in stressful situations and slow to calm back down afterward.
In order for non-shy people to understand, Dr. Nelson uses the analogy of watching a scary movie. The average person enters the theater with normal breathing and heart rate. So they start at a low stress level and then increase.
Physiologically shy people, by contrast, are already at a heightened level of stress before they get to the stressful situation.

Shy people often overthink their behavior and responses. I’d end up obsessively mulling over everything I said or did, wondering what others think of me. Did I say something stupid? Did I say something that might seem offensive? I still do this. After I’ve hung out with new friends, I’ll often think about every tiny thing I said after the interaction. If I said something even slightly embarrassing, or something that could be taken the wrong way, I kick myself.
I used to do this constantly, and it made me dread social interaction even more.

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Most shy people wish they were more confident, because shyness is ultimately a symptom of you being uncomfortable with who you are. You judge yourself based on other people’s standards and spend too much time in your own head, thinking of how best to act and react in any given situation. This is nothing more than a bad habit, and it’s the sort of thing you can break with regular practice.
I was a loud, confident kid when I was young. Then I transferred schools after 6th grade and was one of a few people who didn’t know anybody.

Ive always felt shyness was a lack of confidence but as I get older it seems to be subsiding some. I still have alot of anxiety when alot of people are around. One on one Im doing much better.
Im kinda shy. I can play guitar and sing very good, but I do it only for the closest friend. Im so shy that cant sing in front of others. (((
When I was younger, I was shy around girls I found attractive but not people in general. Now, as an adult, it is kind of the other way around.

I dont think its dangerous or bullshit. It was a method that served me incredibly well and helped me stop being shy which I hated and start feeling more confident which I liked a lot more.
I pretty much did exactly that, too. ) and I tried so hard not to be the scared little kid hiding behind mommys skirt for too long and it carried over into adulthood. Although I still sometimes feel like Im going to throw up at large events, I have the skills now to push through and like you say, history has shown me that my odds of getting through it are pretty good.

When you’re quiet, you’re observant. This habit often makes shy people great listeners, and as a result, more considerate friends, co-workers and partners. “Just because youre shy doesnt mean you’re not attuned to social situations,” C. Barr Taylor, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, previously told HuffPost Healthy Living. “It can actually become a source of strength as you are the observer in the room. ”
It’s not that shy people are always silent, they’re just taking time to acknowledge their thoughts, Henderson says. Shy people recognize what they’re thinking (even if it’s self-destructive) right away and they stop to reflect on it.

Let me tell you, Ive been there. Its a miserable place to be, insecurity eats away at your confidence until you have none left. But there are also other types of insecurities:
These can all make you feel like other people wouldnt accept you if they TRULY knew you. So you hide your true self.
Being uncomfortable with yourself makes you scared to share yourself with people or form deeper connections. And telling someone to be yourself or just be happy with who you are is easier said than done.
Shyness can stop you from living life fully.

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– Alright, here’s a question
from Cara about being shy. I would like to change the
behavior label of being shy. I am an idea person and do not share themfor fear of being judged. I am often very hesitant
to talk to people,unless we can cut the
BS and talk for real. I also hesitate to share my ideasbecause I find it reduces my excitementwhen I have to answer
a bunch of questions.

Fact about me, as a child I was so shy I didn’t
answer the telephone until I was like 12 yearsold and the first time I did, I answered it,
‘Hello’, and then I froze. Here’s the question. ‘Do you think you could do a
video on shyness and social anxiety?’ Wellyes, because you’re watching it.

well you can’t be an introvert you’renot shy the good thing is I mean it’sOttawa we’re talking about so people arepretty respectful they’re not gonna befeeling you up good morning any friendsMichaela here from introverts springit’s 6:30 a. I juststay at home and work in my pajamasbut today was kind of different becauseI had that radio interview first thing8:00 a.

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You don’t on anything that I do.

You don’t say if you like it or not.

You just stand there and watch.

You’re not contributing.

I’m sitting here doing my thing and you’re what? You’re being shy?

It’s boring. You being shy is boring.

so I’m shy.but I’m not?? I don’t really know

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